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I am a licensed STATE CERTIFIED GENERAL REAL ESTATE APPRAISER with over 40 years of total appraisal experience. My experience includes the appraisal of all types of commercial and residential properties. In addition to this, I have been completing “Replacement Cost Valuations” for insurance purposes in Florida since 2006 or over the past 17 years. My reports are clear and concise and have been utilized by all national insurance companies underwriting insurance in the State of Florida including the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, which is the Florida Insurer of last resort. As you know Citizens Insurance Corporation was created specifically to provide insurance for buildings in the state where no other insurer would underwrite. My reports have been accepted by Citizens since we provide Replacement Cost Valuations utilizing The Marshall & Swift “Commercial Estimator” program. This program is the only one accepted by Citizens for condominiums and any other properties in the State of Florida.

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Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

We provide narrative residential and commercial appraisals for all types of commercial and residential properties. We have over 25 years of appraisal experience in the tri-county South Florida area.

Commercial Replacement Cost Valuations

We provide adequate property valuations, regardless of any requirement in the declaration of condominium for coverage by the association  by determining the actual Replacement Cost Value as determined by a qualified independent licensed appraiser.

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Assessing the Value of Your Commercial And Residential Assets

Our extensive experience utilizing the Marshall & Swift programming provides condominium associations with the assurance that their buildings will be appraised in a manner acceptable to all major insurance companies.

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Customizing Your Insurance Policies with Replacement Cost Appraisals.

We determine exactly what your insurer requires to satisfy their specific guidelines. We create a customized report which is acceptable for that insurer and policy. This way they get exactly what they need the first time. You need to keep the replacement cost current . The law has changed don’t delay call now for a quote.

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Covering Florida from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys